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Love Yourself!

I'm pleased to announce that Fashion Poetry has become an ambassador -this blog fights against eating disorders and pro-ana/mia websites together with Vogue Italia. 

And this, 'Love Yourself!' page, is a special section inside my blog. This is a place where you'll find relevant links and links to my relevant posts. But most of all this is a place FOR YOU. If you're dealing with this heavy issue or if you know somebody who is struggling with an eating disorder. This is a place where you can ask me anything and a place where I try to help YOU. Mostly in Finnish but also in English. Let me be there for YOU. Beside of this 'Love Yourself!' page I'll keep posting those Love Yourself posts and spreading 'You Are Beautiful As You Are' message.

This page is under construction but remember to stay tuned! And in the meanwhile; feel free to comment this page or send me an e-mail to:
-I'm here for YOU! : --- )
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