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Friday, 30 June 2017

The Best of June | KesÀkuun parhaimmisto

On 17.06. we celebrated our anniversary day ♡
"Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours." Ludwig van Beethoven 

Porter Magazine



Like on my first Style Sunday-post; I'm loving combining blue jeans and
white t-shirt with bright and colourful kimono 😍

We moved to our new home and this was our first morning here. Here I'm enjoying a first cup of heaven (=black tea) here.

THIS look from Jasper Conran's SS17 collections shows
how chic and elegant a t-shirt dress can be.
Loving THIS look from Christian Dior's SS17 collection that
combines tulle skirt with white leather jacket. 
THIS colour combination from Yigal Azrouël's Resort 2018 collection is divine!
THIS look from Co's Resort 2018 collection shows how to combine oversized
knitwear with a-line skirt. Loving this look and definitely trying it on fall. 😍

Like I said; when you combine gorgeous print kimono with a pair of jeans
like THIS, you just can't go wrong! 😍
THIS look is comfy and simple but it just works!
Combining a black dress with denim jacket and sneakers!
THIS genious look shows how to dress your party dress in the daylight too!

Our Midsummer was full of love and spending quality time with our loved ones. 

You must tell yourself;
'No matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets,
I'm going to make it.'
Les Brown
I hope that you become filled with so much
happiness that it heals every part of you.
Step into your power. 


What's on your list of the best of June? 😊

MiltĂ€ sun kesĂ€kuinen parhaimmistosi nĂ€yttÀÀ? 😊

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With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Blue Sky Tag - Nomination | Blogitunnustus

Hey there lovelies and happy Thursday! 

Lately, The Fashion Poetry has been nominated and awarded
 by awesome blog-colleagues and here's the first nomination by
a blogger behind the inspirational World of Nabeeda-blog.

A hearty thank you Nabeeda for this nomination, it means a lot to The Fashion Poetry! 
And others, please check her awesome blog out HERE, you won't be disappointed! 😍

If you could be any animal which you would be and why?
I would say a bird because I've always wanted to fly.

What is the one food you can't live without?
A salad that's filled with colours and right nutritive values
because it's delicious yet healthy.

Where would you like to travel?
To Spain because it's been too long since I last was there.
A place that feels like home. 

What is the one thing you want to do before you die?

To watch my child grow.

If you could recommend one book to people, which would it be?

This is a hard one. I tried to think some books in English but in my opinion, the best book I've ever read is currently only available in Finnish.  It's called "HyvĂ€n elĂ€mĂ€n anatomia"
(Anatomy of a good life) and it's written by inspiring Sara Karlsson and Pia Sievinen
and published by Cozy Publishing.

What do you feel most proud of?

To be a mother to the best and the World's  most wonderful little boy.
And to be engaged to the World's best and most wonderful man.

If you had a chance to do anything differently in life, what would it be?

A few years ago I was diagnosed with burnout and if I could prevent it, I would.
Because it was one of the hardest and painful things I've ever gone through.

If you could only have 5 possessions, what would they be?
A home, car, phone, clothes and share of stock in a housing co.

What is your biggest fear?

Losing a loved one.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I have no idea because I think that life isn't that serious.

How would your best friend describe you? (You can ask them if you don't know.)
I did know but I still asked her, a person who's been my BFF since 2004.
And she answered: "You are funny and fun to be around of. And kind.
And with you, even a stranger would feel easy to start talking and get a real friend.
When someone speaks to you, she/he knows that you truly listen and fully focus on her/him."

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer

The blog-colleagues I nominate are:
(remember to show them some love because they are fantastic! 😍)

The Shenanigans of a Warrior Goddess
The Thyroid Damsel
Shopaholic Adventures
Samantha Says
Unveil the chic
Abler: Equality for the disabled Blog
The Kingdom Style
Faith Coco
Lifestyle confidence
A Spork in the Road
My Wallets Keeper

And here are 11 questions, can't wait for you to answer these! 😊

1. In two sentences, who are you?
2. What's your motto in life?
3. What songs are your faves at the moment?
4. What movie has affected you the most?
5. When you meet new people, what is the thing that catches your eye and mind?
6. When you are having a bad day, what do you do?
7. What was your first thought this morning?
8. What inspires you at the moment?
9. What 3 pieces of advice would you give to your younger self?
10. Coffee or tea? Why?
11. Movie or a book? Why?

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Style Sunday | Tyylisunnuntai

Hey there lovelies!♡ How was your Midsummer? 😊
Ours was the best so far and it was full of love and
spending quality time with our loved ones. đŸ˜

I came up with this new post serie idea called "Style Sunday" which
is all about what styles inspire me at the moment and it will be published on Sundays
(not necessary every Sunday but every now and then).

Anyway, here's the first part of Style Sunday, enjoy darlings!


Hei ihanuudet! ♡ Miten teidĂ€n juhannus on sujunut? 😊
MeidÀn oli paras tÀhÀn saakka ja se oli tÀynnÀ rakkautta
 sekĂ€ laatuaikailua lĂ€heisten kanssa. 😍

Mieleeni juolahti uusi postausidea, joka kantaa nimenÀÀn Tyylisunnuntaita.
"Tyylisunnuntai" pitÀÀ sisÀllÀÀn tyylejÀ, jotka inspiroivat mua juuri nyt ja kuten
nimestÀkin saattaa pÀÀtellÀ; tÀmÀ postaussarja ilmestyy sunnuntaisin.
Ei vĂ€lttĂ€mĂ€ttĂ€ jokaikinen sunnuntai mutta aina silloin tĂ€llöin. 

Enivei, tĂ€ssĂ€pĂ€ ensimmĂ€inen osa Tyylisunnuntaista, nauttikaahan rakkaat! 

The one thing I'm currently obsessed about is pairing kimono with jeans.
It looks bohemian chic and is perfect for those chilly summer days.

Yksi tyyli, josta olen tĂ€llĂ€ hetkellĂ€ innoissani on kimonon yhdistĂ€minen farkkuihin.
Se nĂ€yttÀÀ boheemin tyylikkÀÀltĂ€ ja sopii tĂ€ydellisesti nĂ€ihin kylmihköihin kesĂ€pĂ€iviin.

Culottes are so easy and even comfy to wear.
 And so easy to pair with! 

Culottesit ovat yksi suosikeistani sillÀ ne ovat niin mukavia pÀÀllÀ
sekÀ erittÀin helppoja yhdisteltÀviÀ!


I just bought a pair of pleated trousers and I'm in love with them.
So comfy, yet so chic. 

Tovi sitten materialismionneilin itselleni pliseeratut housut,
joihin moon ihan rakastunut. Niin mukavat mutta samalla chic.

What do you think of these? Any similarities?
What styles inspires you at the moment? 😊

MitÀ mieltÀ olet nÀistÀ? Löytyykö yhtÀlÀisyyksiÀ?

MitkĂ€ tyylit inspiroivat sua juuri nyt? 😊

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Magical Midsummer | Taianomainen juhannus

My apologies for the silent treatment; there has been a lot of going on lately.
Worries, stress, sorrows. But also love, care and magic.

We also moved here, to our Home.
It felt magical when I enjoyed the first cup of heaven (aka black tea) here.
We also opened the barbeque season and went to the sauna.

Life is pretty wonderful right now.

Have a magical Midsummer weekend, lovelies!


Pahoitteluni radiohiljaisuudestani; elÀmÀssÀ on ollut paljon tekeillÀ viime aikoina.
Huolia, stressiÀ, murheita. Mutta myös rakkautta, huolenpitoa ja taianomaisuutta.

Takana on myös muutto Kotiin. Isolla k:lla.
Fiilis oli uskomaton, kun sai juoda ensimmĂ€isen kupillisen taivasta (=mustaa teetĂ€)
tÀssÀ yhteisessÀ kodissamme. Juhannuksen kunniaksi tuli myös korkattua niin grilli kuin saunakin.

ElÀmÀ on aika ihanaa just nyt.

Taianomaista juhannusviikonloppua, ihanuudet! 

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Menovinkki viikonlopulle: Ykkösbasaarin perÀkonttikirppis

Ihastuttava yhteistyökumppaniniYkkösbasaari, juhlistaa kesÀÀ jĂ€rjestĂ€mĂ€llĂ€ kesĂ€kauden
ensimmÀisen perÀkonttikirppiksen. Ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu huomiseen mennessÀ ja
nyt myös kannattaa kurkata Basaarin Facebook-sivuille, jossa arvotaan ilmainen
kirpputoripaikka viikoksi, kun tykkÀÀ TÄSTÄ julkaisusta ja levittÀÀ tĂ€tĂ€ ilosanomaa! 😊

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Feeling ugly | RumaolopÀivÀ

Do you know that feeling when you feel like you're not enough?
For yourself. 

When you look in the mirror ashamed and you only see the things that you wish just go away,
things that make you feel ugly. When you feel like everyone else are better than you
and you just feel like you're somehow wrong kind.

When you feel ugly because your skin is blooming, your hair is worn-out,
your body isn't something you like or when you feel like you're not capable of do something.

But you know what?
We all have those feeling-ugly-days.
No matter are you in your twenties or in your fifties.
No matter your gender.

And you know what else?
Especially those days someone looks at you with loving eyes and
watches you like no-one is better or more beautiful than you.

And those days a beauty reflects on you;
the way you speak passionate about something and your eyes are shining.
The way the love is shining out of you when you hug your loved ones. 

Because the thing is that your "fault" is for someone the reason why she/he thinks you're so beautiful.
The thing that makes you, you. 

So, remember.
You're enough. You're fabulous. Just the way you are.

So don't ever doubt it,
don't cha? 


TiedĂ€tkö sen riipaisevan tunteen kun et riitĂ€. Itsellesi. 

PeilistÀ heijastuu tyyppi, jota katsot hÀpeillen ja josta haluaisit pyyhkiÀ pois ne piirteet,
jotka saavat aikaan rumaolopÀivÀn. Huomaat itsessÀsi vain ne korostuneet epÀkohdat.
Susta tuntuu, ettÀ jokainen vastaantulija ja kaikki muut ihmiset on jotenkin parempia.
Ja siinÀ joukossa susta tuntuu, ettÀ oot jotenkin vÀÀrÀnlainen.

Sen rumaolopÀivÀn voi aiheuttaa niin kukkiva iho, vÀrjÀyksestÀ haalistuneet hiukset,
omasta mielestĂ€si epĂ€kohta kropassasi, se kun et omasta mielestĂ€si osaa jotain kuin ihan mikĂ€ vain. 

Mutta tiedÀtkö; niitÀ pÀiviÀ on meistÀ jokaisella.
Niin parikymppisellĂ€ kuin viisikymppisellĂ€kin. 
MiehillĂ€ ja naisilla. 

Mutta tiedÀtkö, niinÀkin pÀivinÀ joku katsoo sua rakastaen juurikin niitÀ "epÀkohtiasi".
Joku katsoo sua niin kuin ei olisi koskaan nÀhnyt mitÀÀn upeampaa.
NiinÀkin pÀivinÀ susta heijastuu kaikki se kauneus;
se, kun puhut intohimoisesti jostain asiasta niin, ettÀ sun kauniit silmÀt loistaa.
Se rakkaus mikÀ susta vÀlittyy, kun halaat lÀheisiÀsi.

Just se omasta mielestĂ€si epĂ€kohta itsestĂ€si on jonkun toisen mielestĂ€ se syy, 
minkĂ€ takia oot hĂ€nen silmissÀÀn kĂ€sittĂ€mĂ€ttömĂ€n upea. Se syy, joka tekee susta sut. 

SÀ riitÀt. SÀ oot upea. Just noin.
EthĂ€n ikinĂ€ kyseenalaista sitĂ€? 

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillÀ,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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