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Saturday, 11 January 2014

#203 - Today's finds (Ecocenter, H&M)

Here's today's finds from Seinäjoki:
Tässäpä tämän päiväiset löytöni Ääsjoen aarrearkuista:


1. Shoe-wise clock from Citizen, Ecocenter, 15€:

2. Fashionable fireman from H&M, 19.95€:

3. Positive thoughts from Norman Vincent Peale
from Ecocenter, 1.50€:

4. Chic Athlétique-wear from CCM, Ecocenter, 2€:

5. Fireman's socks from H&M (Boy's appartment), 1€.

6. Velver armor, Fresh Spirit from Ecocenter, 1€:

7. Shiny Atmosphere from Ecocenter, 0.50€:

8. Molly-Jo's trouser skirt from Ecocenter, 1€:

9. Rayon trousers from Ecocenter, 1€:

10. Angry birds-belt from
H&M (Boy's appartment), 7.95€:

11. Fashionable quilt from Ecocenter, 2€:

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